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torvu, men's resort wear; textile/repeat print

London Menswear Print Highlights – Spring/Summer 2015

London Menswear Print Highlights – Spring/Summer 2015 catwalks Palm Tree Repeats – Large Scale Palm Leaf Pattern Mix – Magnified Bacterium Prints – Optical Irregular Stripe Build ups – Quirky Inverted Tropical Opening Ceremony – Photos via

Batik – A traditional way of decorating cloth by the wax-resist or “negative” painting method. The cloth is first coated with hot wax, then melted, leaving the waxed part uncolored. Repeated waxings and dyeings creates a cloth with beautiful patterns and designs.

Tanya Taylor Fashion Week – NYFW 2013 Pics

This is the new NYC designer you need to know... Photos by Erin Yamagata. Patterns on patterns :)

“the most important articles of dance costume were the feather plume, the flicker feather head band, the magpie feather crown, and the feather skirt. with these were used certain auxiliary items, such as paints, ear plugs, nose sticks, bead necklaces, and belts, clouts and skirts. also there were objects carried by the dancers, such as the feather ropes borne by women, and the beads, arrows, feather sticks, and imitation bear claws, carried by the men. the music consisted of songs accompanied by the foot drum, the split stick clapper rattle, and the bone whistle.” [1]

Rachel Comey Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show