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baby trying to squirm away from mom's smoochies

All wild animals can be tamed, not all can live in cages. We're too worried about "just anyone" handling wild animals, but don't remember that God gave ALL mankind dominion over ALL animals, everyone not just the wildlife center. Why not educate rather than punish people who God gifted with a love of wild animals. Who are we to play God? We value animals more than a 1 week old human being inside a woman. We kill and murder the helpless human child and then go crazy when someone shoots a…

Animal pictures of the week: 4 June 2010

Zebras..did you know that no two Zebras have the same stripe pattern? Kind of like the human fingerprint. Pretty awesome.

How adorable! Not sure what kind of kitty this is, but it obviously has some wild animal in there. I was told by 3 nice ladies that it is a wild carical from Africa. Thanks ladies.