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I would hope that most people realized that long before this latest incident.

WHITE BOY: A Memoir by Mark D. Naison, If you need an overview of what growing-up in NYC's Brooklyn borough was like and the middle class life that led Mark Naison into a "revolutionary" and ultimately one of the most interesting professor. ><This will wake the old-revolutionaries up and give the "new- comrades" some ideas and "tricks-of-the-trade." Mark was a REAL activist; a part of the stand-off @ Columbia University !

...Also, Native Americans were not eligible for American citizenship until even…

A civilization that spends more money on war than on education and peace is anything but civilized.

Replacing aversion and attachment with hope and fear: two simple tricks from the Buddhist way to smooth our paths

Americans, including you, are and have been being fleeced each and every day, year after year. Have you had enough of your paychecks not adding up? How's those prices at the stores treating you? Do yourselves a favor and WAKE UP!

HAHAHA Sometimes you do gotta come down from having your head in the clouds... :/

“Rich and powerful” = “media” controlled by the Republican government. Vote For Bernie #FeeltheBern

Wake up and realize your worth. Get attention from your pride intelligence and honor. Make nobility the norm.