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...and when grandma made Limburger cheese for grandpa I never really knew for sure if the smell was coming from the smoke house or the outhouse.

Outdoor Bathroom, This bathroom is located in our "summer house" next to our pool area. We have a small child, so to stop little feet from getting our inside wet, we designed this outdoor bathroom and changing area. Never realized how much it would get used!, Outdoor bathroom and changing area located next to our pool in our "summer house". , Bathrooms Design

i think this: instead of a moon on every door, wood burn a silhouette of a canoe, tree, etc. so it's KIND of like an outhouse, but much better

There are still many old homes in the mountains that still do things the old fashioned way. This privy sports a red heart on it’s door

Even an outhouse can look pretty when landscaping is done well. ;-)