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«Jesús le contestó: —Yo soy el camino, la verdad y la vida; nadie puede ir al Padre si no es por medio de mí». —Juan 14:6

But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace. (Romans 11:6 ESV)

“Speak to the people of Israel, saying, If anyone sins unintentionally in any of the Lord ’s commandments about things not to be done, and does any one of them, if it is the anointed priest who sins, thus bringing guilt on the people, then he shall offer for the sin that he has committed a bull from the herd without blemish to the Lord for a sin offering. (Leviticus 4:2, 3 ESV)

Salmos 51:10 Crea en mí, oh Dios, un corazón limpio, Y renueva un espíritu recto…