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Gorgeous concept art of Pirates of the Caribbean 4's sultry mermaids

Mermaids are mythical and legendary sea-dwelling creatures of European & Asian folklore, resembling a woman, with a human torso, but having a fishtail or tails instead of legs. Mermen are also heard of, but have a secondary role in the lore of the sea. Other similar water spirits include nymphs, dryads, oceanids, hamadryads, naiads, nerieds, oreads, and undines. Mermaids are supposed to be able to lure imaginative, amorous men to destruction by enticing them into the depths .

wandaluvstacos: “ This will join my “boobs tutorial” as kind of half-ass but valuable information. I’m someone who enjoys drawing pudgy bellies, so I have a passion for this. XD Not all body shapes are represented, but I think as long as people...

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Sue Tilley - Artist & Sculptor - Portfolio

Shape: positive and negative: positive shape is the totality of the mass lying between its contours; in three-dimensional work, the visible shape or outer limit of a form changes as the viewer's position is changed. These outer limits are seen as shapes moving back and forth between major contours. Negative space is empty space defined by positive shape. Sometimes referred to as occupied and unoccupied space.

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50 Amazing Tattoo Pictures

Body Art Attack!!! Facebook: Website:

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Classic Black and White Charcoal Drawing of the Figure - Large Fine Art Print