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101 Things to Do When Kids Say "I'm Bored"

[ fc - lucas ] "hello, i'm luke. i'm 18 years old and single! i have a little sister named sarah. i'm in a band with three idiots." i chuckle. "i guess there's not really much to me.. i like penguins and food." i shrug. "introduce?"

from Our Little House in the Country

Doodles’ 100 Days of Summer Bucket List – 100 summer activities for kids

100 Days of Summer Bucket List - 100 Summer Activities for Kids - Our Little House in the Country #summer #kidsactivities #bucketlist

500 Days of Summer. One of the best movies of its genera. Fun Fact : It's directed by Marc Webb, director of the new spider-man franchise.

I know most girls can relate to this for their looks but for me it's their voices I'm always fluctuating (is that a word?) (or did I just make it up?) between who's voice I like the best.

And people wonder why I'm dying to see a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert.... <<<< i can't wait until September>>> I went in April it was the best night ever

The Boys of Summer ~ Don Henley - Flat out one of my favorite songs, ever. No matter where I am, what my mood, or what the weather is like when this song comes on, instantly it's summer & I'm cruising in a convertible on a beautiful summer day with sunburnt nose & cheeks and sea-snarled hair. <3 <3 <3