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" no one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend."

A lotus to represent a new beginning, or a hard time in life that has been overcome and the symbol Hum from the Buddhist mantra to stand for love, kindness and protection...this symbol is also said to purify hatred and anger. #beautifullotus

from The Shadowhunters' Wiki

Healing runes

'City of Bones' - the Mortal Instruments. the Iratze rune. (Heal/Hurt Not.) An Iratze is a Rune used by Shadowhunters to heal them of all non-demonic injuries. These runes glow golden when used before sinking into the skin, not even leaving a scar behind like average runes. Iratze Runes are placed closer to the heart for maximum effect and begin healing before completion.