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Transgender Kids: 6 lessons the world needs to learn from Louis Theroux's documentary

from Cosmopolitan

Transgender Teens Speaking to Themselves 10 Years From Now Will Make You Cry

"I hope that your father has come around and is very, very supportive of you."

from Mail Online

Leelah Alcorn's parents demanded that Tumblr delete her suicide note

Leelah (pictured) walked in front of a tractor trailer and ended her life, writing in her heartbreaking suicide note that because she was transgender, 'The life I would've lived isn't worth living in'

transgender kids | Transgender Children FAQ: my daughter would vomit at least once a month because she was so socially anxious about her situation. It's important to know that your son or daughter is who they say they are from the very beginning. My daughter told me at three that she was a girl and that she was going to do anything and everything to make sure she was a girl. I supported her; no questions asked!

Article about one transgender child's struggles and the family's willingness to accept and help their child become the person she feels like inside.

Ye Olde Journalist: Photographer Captures the Teenage Years of Two Transgender Girls

from BuzzFeed

This Summer Camp Is Providing A Place For Trans Kids To Simply Be Themselves

Are there any camps like this where you can be above 12 in Missouri or Arkansas

Isn't it amazing how easily GGs can accept their transgender sisters simply as the girls they are and welcome fully into girl world ?