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C.S. Lewis Quote: pipe smoking for wise men and fools.

Illustrator Michael Kirkham on the Mysteries of Cover Design

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Around the turn-of-the-century, when Beatrix was becoming huge in England and abroad, the American artist Arthur B. Frost was dazzling many with scratchy frenetic pen line. Probably best known for his work on the Uncle Remus books, he also illustrated books for such greats as Lewis Carroll.  *

Br’er Rabbit bt A. Frost Rabbits as tricksters, once again, in African-American folklore. In Brer Rabbit, Rabbit has clothing on, walks on two legs and has human feelings.

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❧ Rocket Stove Principles - apply to patio/firepit/outdoor oven idea

Korean Tiger and Rabbit, smoking pipes

If there wasn't a Korean folktale about tigers smoking with rabbits before, there'll be such a tale in my sprawling epic fantasy series soon. This odd image came from a Buddhist monastery in Korea, apparently recently.