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Katyusha is the nicknamed for the multi-barreled rocket launchers used by the Russians during World War 2. Katyusha in Russian means "Little Katie".

An Indian BM-21 multi-barrel rocket launcher mortar firing at Tiger Hill in the 1999 Kargil War

2 brothers randomly meet during WWII... neither knew if the other was still alive.

Canadian WW2 poster: in the years prior to the USA entering the war, Canada was the main supplier of arms and other war materials to Britain.

Battlefield on Scraggy Hill at Shenam.jpg The scene on Scraggy Hill, captured by the 10th Gurkhas during the Battle of Imphal .Birma

Pz Kpfw III Ausf. L on the main city square of Voronezh (Ploshchad' Lenina - Lenin's square, founded in 1937 and named in memory of the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution), in front of Voronezh Hotel. The hotel was constructed during the thirties, and was re-build after the war, after being damaged during the German invasion. The camouflage pattern on this Pz Kpfw III indicates that it was originally bound for North Africa.16. Infanterie-Division (motoriziert)