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Ultimate Body Applicator aka "body wrap". Use anywhere you want to lose inches rid cellulite lighten scars stretch marks etc.

Join my 90 day wrap challenge! Just use 1 wrap per week throughout the 90 days and keep me updated on your progress!! What's amazing?? You get to pick what area you'd like to tighten, tone and firm. Your arms, back, tummy, legs, neck, it's completely up to you.. If your interested in becoming a product tester, you can save 40%! please contact me if you're interested

Hello all! Love sharing all that is good for people. It Works products.Wraps to tighten, tone, and firm! Greens to balance, detox, and alkalize! The Opportunity! If you love talking to people,and want to make more $$$...txt me "no comfort zone" to 701.805.1524.

Nurse's are some of the most successful women in our company. They care about the products, they care about the clients and that is exactly what we do! Plus nurses know how to work CRAZY HARD, weird hours, and this goes hand in hand with healthcare - so you can mix it into your everyday life while making extra $$$ #messageme #sidejobthatpays

Tighten, Tone & Firm the skin. Reduce appearance of Cellulite and Stretch Marks. Re-Pin away or share with a friend! E-mail me at

Are you on your health and wellness journey and you are having a hard time with that stubborn midsection? Do you want to tighten, tone, firm, and minimize cellulite appearance and lose 1-3 inches in 45 mins? Let me help you kick start the process with this crazy wrap thing that everyone is talking about. The ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator, regularly priced at 99.00, but you can receive it for just 59.00, inbox me for more details on how you can receive your discount today. ItWorks

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Just from 1 wrap! Come on guys what is better than this? Quick and easy....lose those inches and get rid of unwanted body fat! Contact me at 682-248-4378 /

It Works! We have those crazy wrap things that let you lose inches off your waist and unwanted cellulite off the thighs.

Defing gels has lots of uses :-) i like to call it wrap in a bottle ! You can use it on those places that are hard to wrap and you can also use it in between wraps! Did you know this is good on those ugly veins you have showing , diaper rash , wrinkles , lots lots more :-) txt me to get yours at my discounted price ;-) #4328160080