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A final judgment of guilty in a criminal case about 14 criminals was made and the crime of these 14 criminals was that they have they have attacked on the

awesome After years of silence, Iran executes a scientist who spilled nuclear secrets to the US

Donne rapite e vendute come bestie in gabbia? Attenzione, è una BUFALA! #news #isis #bufala #donneingabbia Chiuse in una gabbia, trasportate come bestie da macello. La “drammatica” foto ha fatto il giro del web in tempo record, divenendo virale non solo per ciò che ad un primo sguardo potrebbe rappresentare, ma per le notizie ad essa collegata. Nella foto, è possibile distinguere alcune ...

Benedict Cumberbatch executes amazing aerial Oscars photobomb on U2

In the United States, in 2014, we execute the mentally ill. Despite the outcry from the public and the calls for commuted sentences from activists and politicians, states like Texas continue to execute those who suffer from severe mental illness.

Dispute Over Viral Video of Shot 13 Year Old Palestinian Sums Up Israel-Palestinian Conflict [VIDEO] | RedFlag News

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: THE WORLD IS NO LONGER SHOCKED BY SEEING CHRISTIANS HEAD'S CUT OFF - This video purportedly shows Islamic State militants murdering Ethiopian Christians.

'Yesterday I was killed but worse was the humiliation which came after'

Being a woman with agency without a man's endorsement is a capital crime punishable by death. If that sounds crazy, then read what people had to say about the murder of two women travelling together.

Investors Not Impressed by Simon Properties or Gildan Activewear

Investors Not Impressed by Simon Properties or Gildan Activewear Premium