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Drawknives. The one at top is a Marples which is very special to me as it was given by my Dad several years before I even discovered Green Woodworking. Middle is an Isaac Sorby "Mr Punch" brand and is my tool of choice. Bottom is French and great for fine cuts on spoons and spatulas

Going to the store takes even longer because I always have to find someone nice (and whose wife/girlfriend isn't glaring at me) and ask them if they will reach something for me. But I climb the bottom shelf pretty well, too. :-) Oh, and sometimes grab a spatula or such from somewhere else in the store and use it to knock stuff down and then return the spatula when I'm done!

Waiting for Santa... - I cannot express how much this looks like our Buddy (half lab-half great dane) sans the hat. Buddy is the consummate food thief. I have had him steal cookies off the spatula when I was transferring them from the pan to the racks - and I did not even know it until I looked and caught him chewing.

from Design Milk

Desktructure by Hector Serrano for Seletti

Remember when your desk accessories consisted of sticking your pens and pencils in an old coffee mug (guilty!)? Thank goodness those days are over and designers like Héctor Serrano have come out with great desk-worthy options like Desktructure for Seletti.

from Etsy

Original Oil Painting- Poppy Field II- Modern, Contemporary 16x20