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"If I cry in front of you, just know that I reached my limit.." || Anime: Kyoukai No Kanata - Beyond The Boundary || © Edited by Karunase ||

Immagine di anime, seven, and zen

"You broke my heart but I still love you with all the pieces.." || Anime : Kagerou Project - Mekakucity Actors || © Edited by Karunase ||

You Brought music to my life.. Kousei Kaori

Switch gender roles, Boy Laurance, Girl Lovely, Yes I dream about my senpai

"No matter how I'm feeling, Music always puts me in a better mood.." || © edited by Karunase ||

As Long As you Standing Give a Hand to those who have FALLEN

"I miss the old me, I miss the happy me. Everything has changed.." || Anime: Anohana || © Edited by Karunase ||