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iPhone 6: Release date, rumours, features and news

Apps Usage Logs Show An iPhone 6 Running iOS 7 - The usage logs of multiple apps have registered an iPhone 6 running iOS The IP address of the device that carries this name originates from Apple's campus. [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]

My upgrade is just going to have to wait. Much rather have this than the Iphone 5 didn't appeal to me at allll. But this? Ohhh yeahhhh

A recent research on air-writing system shows that it is possible to write texts and emails without touching the screen of device. Christoph Amma, the developer of “air-writing” gloves mechanism made it possible. A group of engineers under Amma supervision prepare a prototype of this air-writing system but for practical use they are trying to bring this technology in mini form, so that it can be use in smartphones and other related gadgets. Read the article to know how it actually works.

Flash News: Apple Launches iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S - Specs, Features and Details :D

If The iPhone 5S Has 150Mbps LTE-A, It's A BYOD Game-Changer

If The iPhone 5S Has 150Mbps LTE-A, It Would Be A BYOD Game-Changer