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Vastu Shastra,Health Spa,Essential Oils

(A view of Earth from The Moon taken by NASA.

Vastu Tips For Puja Room

The Cassini spacecraft took this view of Saturn’s moon Dione

Vastu believes in instinctively felt colors and is convinced we are attracted to certain colours because of similar energy patterns. Thus this means either we are similar in personality and therefore the attraction or due to long association of using the color we imbibe the personality of the colour. Here are some of the common associations of color. Which colour are you?

Vastu tip! Green is a very good color for growth. It symbolizes growth potential and is soothing to the eyes. Use natural or artificial plants inside the house. Also, gardens are considered very good for growth.

Vaastu Tips for Room Colors According to Vaastu Shastra Colors plays very important role to bring balance in our minds and bodies as well in stimulating energy.Consequently every room colors, in Home, Office, Factory and Shop should be matched

GIF....Earth seen by the GOES-14 weather satellite, May 22nd 2013