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What Not To Do in A Relationship

It's sad but thay are out to take everything & use you, people don't believe in love anymore


Resolutions for a Better Marriage

I really like these... some I might even start doing now!

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Never put your time into the hands of the ungrateful.

Jm not going to see you for a while is what I want to say and believe but then I end up seeing you and I regret it later because we just need time for you to live out being a nasty pig and I'll be over there on the side apparently talking to every coworker right???-nat

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20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships


There are many ways to calm a negative energy without suppressing or fighting it :) Want to see how well you are doing with your nutritional habits? Get your FREE No Obligation Wellness Evaluation TODAY!

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If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it…

If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it today. If you change, change for the better and if you talk, mean what you say.

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10 Ways To Love

10 Ways to Love...If only we were perfect...but meanwhile these are 10 inspiring ideas!