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Teenage Pregnancy: How to Prevent Your Teen from Getting Pregnant

A parent's guide to practical, useful real-world tips on what to do and what not to do to prevent teenage pregnancy from happening to your child.

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Have a PEP Talk to Prevent Pregnancy Complications

Did you know most maternal deaths can be prevented? Have a PEP talk with your doctor to prevent pregnancy complications!

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Am I pregnant

Am I pregnant? Pregnancy symptoms are different from a woman to another. Discover the pregnancy symptoms: from nausea, to dizziness.

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9 Delicious Snacks Rich In Folic Acid To Eat When You’re Pregnant

Folic acid is so important to your baby's growing brain, and it's good for mama-to-be too! Check out my favorite snacks rich in folic acid below to keep that outer pregnant mama glow shining.

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Why Is the Second Pregnancy Tougher?

Why is the second pregnancy tougher? No one told me about this. No one informed me that when I was tired, I wouldn’t be able to just lay down and take a nice nap, in all my pregnant glory. No, I was to stay awake and entertain the child I had already given birth to. I was to prepare meals and feed this child, do all the things I had already been doing to raise my little one, while dealing with all the super fun side effects of being pregnant. No one told me the second pregnancy would be…

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Teenage Pregnancy in Mississippi Law Raises Disturbing Concerns

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Teenage Pregnancy Effects On Society

Teenage pregnancy effects on society: Have we improved? We take a look at the latest stats and some of the struggles teen moms have within society.

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Can that Pre-Pregnancy Cocktail Cause Cancer Later

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Fit Pregnancy Workout (The Shine Project)

I'll be honest, yesterday I was not feeling so good about myself. After a day of consuming mounds of sugar I had no energy and was regretting the food choices I made throughout the day. During my moment of shame I found what may or may not be a stretch...