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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

There is a huge choice of plants that you can grow at your home. Garlic is a plant that is cheap and easy to grow. Did you know that by eating a whole head of garlic every day you can do miracles for your body? Garlic is a very simple ingredient but with extraordinary health ...

Short on cash and time? This grocery list is full of cheap, easy foods to sustain a tireless college student throughout the school year. When you can't get home to your parents, at least you'll have all the (slightly less awesome) comforts of home when you buy everything on this list. Free to download and print

9 Lists That Will Save You Money In All Areas Of Your Life

9 Lists That Will Save You Money In All Areas Of Your Life. From home and transportation to leisure and weddings, you can easily find some amazing ways to save money that you have never thought of before.

Organizing with Printable Schedules Lastly, I also keep my menu planning printable on the side of my fridge. If you haven’t printed one, you can check out the free printable here or the Seasonal Menu Planning Kit and the Themed Menu Planning Kit in my shop. They are just $3 for a set of four different designs.~

Easy Homemade Sugar Cookie Dough

I know how it can be convenient to grab ready-made sugar cookie dough from a grocery store when planning a quick dessert. But sometimes our thought process regarding it ends there. However, imagine how much healthier and cleaner the dough would be if you home make it yourself. It only takes less than 10 min to make. #homemadesugarcookiedough #sugarcookiedough #quickandeasy

All Natural Glowing Playdough

All Natural recipe for Glowing Playdough - made with ingredients you can pick up from your grocery store and it lasts for 4-6 months! From Fun at Home with Kids