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American Distillery in Mexico - Ideally the thought was to get started in Reno NV, but I have found greener pastures and a simpler more economical way to get started. I can in addition

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In 1922 Emilio Bacardi opened a distillery in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Bacardí invited US-Americans to "Come to Cuba and bathe in Bacardi rum" introducing:Hatuey Beer.Bacardi's international was due mostly to Schueg's "business genius" who "branded Cuba as the home of rum and Bacardi as the king of rums" expanding to Mexico (1931) Puerto Rico (1936) under the brand name Ron Bacardi (Ron is Spanish rum). Post-Prohibition rum was sold tariff-free in the.He expanded to the United States (1944).

"Earthen Agave Oven"- This earthen agave oven is used in the making of tequila and ricea. Photographed near San Sebastian, Mexico.

America’s Role in Latest Fight for Small Mezcal: Big distilleries in Mexico are waging a battle for market share in the U.S., often at the expense of small producers. Sarah Bowen on how a new proposition—NOM 199—threatens the livelihood of small distillers throughout Mexico, and how Americans play a big role in its fate.

Tour New Mexico’s northern wine country. It is not widely known that New Mexico has some great wines and wonderful opportunities for wine enthusiasts to vacation in beautiful, historic areas and taste a bit of the grape. In fact, New Mexico has the oldest wine growing region in the United States.

The town of Tequila lies about an hour’s drive west of Guadalajara, Mexico. Guillermo "makes an ultrapremium tequila called Fortaleza, the way his tatarabuelo (great great-grandfather) did, by crushing agave with a tahona — a stone shaped like a wheel that weighs more than a ton — and distilling it in copper stills. The Fortaleza distillery doesn’t have scheduled tours, but it welcomes visitors by appointment." (by Michael Shapiro)