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A judge has ruled against a 13-year-old girl who took North Carolina to court over climate change, but the eighth-grader says she'll continue to fight for environmental protections.

Amen. We're all being judged by someone who isn't even close to having their own shit together!

We're different. We sin differently than one another. Concern yourself with yourself and leave me and my differences alone.

I ship fictional characters and also real people who are usually Youtubers or Twenty Øne Pilots

Pretty much all the people in my life will judge me & talk shit behind my back for what I'm doing, but they don't have a damn thing I want, nor do they have fruit on the tree. I take my advice from those who have done what we're working towards. You can either head in the same direction as us, be supportive or be cut off. We're good either way.

Me: *catches myself being judgmental* Me to me: I did not raise you this way

When I'm around my friends I can be pretty loud but when in public or around people I don't know I'm extremely quiet

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Spongebob on

Me when I have to leave my room at night and the light switch isn't on the way

I'm not a huge fan of Miley but it's true what that last comment says, I feel bad for her. She's always judged, either called boring or a slut. She just wants to make herself happy, it's not fault if you don't like her. Just keep you rude-ass comments to yourself. She never deserved this, she's still talented af. And beautiful, no matter how she styles her hair or what she's wearing. She still helps people and makes them happy. So shut up and sit down. Your argument is invalid. {sorry for my…