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New Amsterdam show is the best show on the planet where we kick back and tell things like is, we do comedy, pop culture, movies, funny stories and our personal lives.We Talk about video games, women, Sports and much more, So grab your coffee in the morning download the latest ep and let us Entertain you on your way to where ever life is taking you!

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Funny Story About Rollerblading With Malamute Dogs

Comedy And Funny Stories About Dogs: My Rollerblading With Dogs Funny Story

Funny women sharing funny stories at our own expense. And maybe at the expense of our husbands. And kids. Whatever.

FUNNY STORY: Wally “Famous” Amos & Getting my car towed!

Rude Dude's Podcast With Rob Pue - The Ultimate "Heckler Gets Destroyed" Story #humor #funny #lol #comedy #chiste #fun #chistes #meme

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As Overheard at Lunch: Funny Stories Told Loudly at Panera (Podcast Ep. 014

As Overheard at Lunch: Funny Stories Told Loudly at Panera - I'm share two stories of funny and surprising things that I have overheard while eating at Panera. You'll learn how to find the perfect mate, amongst other things.

One of my favorite Podcasts, "This American Life." First-person stories and short fiction pieces that are touching, funny, and surprising.