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When scouts don't find a suitable new home, survival dictates that the work gets started in the next best place.

A feral honey bee nest. .When the comb is built naturally, as in this case, it is a "nest". When it is then removed and put into my Top Bar or Langstroth box, it is in a "hive" or hive box.

Raising Chickens and Honey Bees Together | Whole-Fed Homestead

Flow™ Hive - 3D printed honeycombs that allow for the honey to be retrieved without disturbing the bees

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Natural Hive Why wouldn't everyone always want to see this on our planet?

Burlap Bag of Cedar Shavings and Box of Baking Soda in hive top for overwinter insulation and wax moth repellant

Natural bee hive - while it might be a bit scary, wouldn't it be nice to have one these some where in proximity to your (or my) garden?? ☺

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Wow. These plants in your garden will help save bees. #eco #garden