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Angels Smile Garland - made of merino-blended wool, it consists of 5 Angels and each Angel is stuffed with a touch of poly-fill. The ends of the Garland feature a little felted hushed-pink ball. $72

During the rainy months, my husband and I go to Dollar Tree and buy umbrellas to give to people who get caught in the rain ☔️

I look forward to this all week long. The moment that I see him after being at school for weeks.

Misha makes me smile

Misha makes me smile

I miss the sounds of you talking and singing to yourself. I miss so much. A part of me will always long to spend time with you. Always. More

The definition of puppy dog eyes... | - New Funny Pictures and Hilarious GIFs Everyday!

Mastering the art of the "no, it's fine, I'm ok being thought of as nothing". LoL

Here's to all the people who have mental illness. You are so f*cking brave. You fight your own mind everyday. Nothing is scarier than that.