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حملة ببريطانيا لإطلاق سعودي بغوانتانامو

Smosh's best of the Hunger Games memes. They reapin errbody out there.

Well looks like the Harry Potter wait is over now!!! And there's still more! (Funny! I'm watching prisoner of Azkaban and Sirius just said that!)

Ethiopia UN Experts Call On Ethiopia to Allow International Panel to Help Probe Violence Against Protesters -

A nationwide prison work stoppage and hunger strike, begun on Sept. 9, the 45th anniversary of the Attica uprising, have seen over 20,000 prisoners in about 30 prisons do what we on the outside should do—refuse to cooperate.

An (alleged) Anonymous hacker just began his second week of a prison hunger strike protesting institutionalized torture and Aaron Swartz treatment

Harry Potter for your cat . . . . The promo for the website is actually funnier than the Hairy Potter joke.

Hunger - Steve McQueen 2008 -- "The final months of Bobby Sands, the Irish Republican Army activist who protested his treatment at the hands of British prison guards with a hunger strike, are chronicled in this historical drama."