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There are numerous kinds of applications available for smart phone users; the Event Apps for Iphone is one of them. This is the perfect application for the event organizers, because, it is very helpful to use and give the connectivity with all your team members, who will join your event.

For the Mystic members here Blanche gets serious.

at first i was like "awwwee it's gonna be another fetus tyjo pic" but then i looked a little closer and was like "oh...yep...well that's definitely tyjo"

get to know you | Getting to Know you! Bingo Cards to Download, Print and Customize!

They're so small she could fight them with one arm tied behind her...oh, wait

Here it is--your new KEEPER portrait from @LostiesArt on Twitter. And this one might be my fave of the group because it's a character we've never seen before: Linh! I LOVE how powerful and gorgeous she is! (And yes, obviously you know who I'll be revealing on Friday so no need to flood the comments with Keefes--though I'm sure you will anyway 😉). #keeperofthelostcities #kotlc #LODESTAR

Tyler and josh❤️❤️

Getting paid to play with makeup!? What?! Mmhhmmmm! That is just one of the many perks of being an Independent Younique Presenter! It's so worth it!

Too perfect! It also says "I already have one guy that watches way too much porn and gets it stuck on my computer!"