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YOU CAN'T KEEP DOWN THE CLOWN << Kanaya can *smirks and grabs chainsaw* WHAT CHAINSAW!? *chainsaw turns into black lipstick* *captchalogues lipstick* better.

The Erinyes, the “Furies” were female chthonic deities of vengeance. A formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes them as “those who beneath the earth punish whosoever has sworn a false oath.” Virgil recognized three furies- Alecto “Unnameable”, Megaera “Grudging”, and Tisiphone “vengeful destruction”. ∟Camilla Belle as A L E C T O ∟Keira Knightley as M E G A E R A ∟Olga Kurylenko as T I S I P H O N E

T H E   W I N N E R ’ S  C U R S E ― Kestrel and Arin   “Looks like someone’s suffering the Winner’s Curse.” Kestrel turned to her. "What do you mean?" "You don’t come to auctions often, do you? The Winner’s Curse is when you come out on top of the bid, but only by paying a steep price.” ― Marie Rutkoski

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(Open rp. Be her, I'm the cursed prince.) " Y/N! Look, look, I'm a dragon!" I cheered, running around the outside of our shared castle, only... I wasn't human... I was a deep red dragon with glowing gold eyes. " Come out here!" I shout, tail swinging behind me. (Credit to @cfcsquare )