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Bikes are an amazing means of transport and these bicycle concepts look purely awesome. Will they one day replace cars in the cities? We might never know!

Xbike - This bicycle is shaped like the letter “X” and can be folded up when needed. Unlike most bikes, it doesn’t use chains or cables.

10 Mind Blowing Concepts Of Bicycle For The Next Generation Commuter! Since beginning and still today, bicycles have been and are employed for many uses.

Compactable Urban Bicycle - This bicycle can be disassembled completely. Even the wheels fold up. The secret is in the wheels. Each wheel consists of 6 modules that can be separated and folded up to save up space.

City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther - This futuristic looking bicycle is a perfect city bike. It’s designed with that idea in mind. This bicycle is heavy duty and is made to last for a long time without breaking down. All of it’s chains, cables and vulnerable parts are hidden inside the heavy frame, which protects the bike from damage and daily wear and tear. It also has a built in motor.