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[4K Video] Tokyo Time Lapse 東京のタイムラプスを - This 4K UHD time-lapse video shows the true beauty of Tokyo at a speed of a shinkansen. The music in their video is a mixture of both the new and old from something reminiscent of the Geishas to modern techno, dubstep tracks. Visiting many of the iconic landmarks of

The Revolve Camera Dolly is a photographer's paradise with the ability to capture and create smooth, dynamic video footage.

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A Stunning Time-Lapse Video of a Supercell Thunderstorm Forming in the Skies Above Kansas

The rotating updraft base of a supercell thunderstorm, and a rear flank downdraft containing rain and hail, backlit by the setting sun, on May in Climax, Kansas, United States. To most of us, dark clouds on the horizon usually means rain...

Photoshop makes anything possible Use others for inspiration and motivation, not to discourage and belittle your own success. Strive for progress, not "perfection"

Adobe CC Bug Erases Data on Macs (UPDATED) | Fstoppers -,2c50c508-f6ba-afe7-7da9-be861808d920

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This Is How Much Retouching Goes Into A Fashion Campaign

And finally, after a few finishing touches, you have a flawless fashion photo. | This Is How Much Retouching Goes Into A Fashion Campaign