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Wall Flower Mount (CLICK) by 3DPVDB

Make 3d Printed Topo Maps of Anywhere

When I was a kid I was dragged through more National Park visitor centers than I can remember. For me the highlight was the always the miniature model of whatever park it was. By exploring that model you could experience the landscape as if you are a bird (or Superman) and able to fly around. Standing in Yosemite valley looking up at Half Dome is amazing, but you only see it from one angle. The 3d model in the visitor center reveals so much more. When I got into 3d printing one of the first…

Visual and Found Poetry

found poetry.... OH MY GOSH I WAN TO TRY THIS!!! or just pick out random words from a page and use them in a poem... But this is amazing! It would get you thinking so much so that even if you can't find a poem on the given page, you'll probably find a poem on the blank page in your mind... I'm thinking cure for writers block - Four tips for finding the right wall thickness to turn your 3D model into a 3D print | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Plover desk lamp, table lamp, modern

Cheers! 3D printed Tracer guns from Overwatch by Simone Fontana #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #tracer #cosplayers #cosplaying #3dprint #creatures #creaturedesign #zbrush #3dart #3dmodel #sculpt #sculpting #3sculptures #3dmodeling #cgi #cg #3dprinting

"Pink Frida" Flower Face Print

Print of original flower face by Vicki Rawlins Read Vicki's Flower Art Statement Hi-resolution print on premium quality archive paper with a matte finish Because of the quality of the original art, More