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You can get through those moments to take your focus away from the voices telling you to quit. Some of my favorites: I think about how it will feel to slip into my clothing following my workout when everything fits just that much better I concentrate on the simple act of breathing I focus on an upcoming event that Im truly looking forward to and how great Ill feel thanks to my workouts I tell myself Get out there and give and try it!

Mark u make cry but I believe that my life can be better because of you. Thanks for everything. ❤️❤️

All my fandoms in one. also, who gives a fuck if the movies aren't finished, movies fuck everything up. Also whoever wrote this forgot to mention HOW FUCKING STUPID THE FUCKING MOVIES FUCKING ARE!

I laugh at everything. I don't know y. I just do. I'm made fun of it but I don't care. I just find everything funny. They call me GIGGLES!!!!

I know that it's my fault, just don't say it when you know I'm right behind you and remind me of it.

That's what I hate/ love about SnK, it shows that the hero can't save everything and anyone(even though it sucks). The hero is faced with the most tough decisions that he doesn't want to make. But it makes this whole show/manga so much more life like and amazing.

I like everything about this. One, the lightning scar. It's actually a scar of lightning, and not just a red line. I also like that his hair is super messy, although I don't think he'd have it that long. Or maybe he would, in memory of Sirius. (I'm sorry, I made myself cry too.) He's just everything he should be according to the books.

from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Dracula’s Dentures for Halloween

Dracula's Dentures - made from chocolate chip cookies, red frosting, and marshmallows. #halloween treat