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I am truly thankful that I got to see the many places I've gotten to visit, and I hope I will be able to go back to those places in the future. #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

Things Our Mothers Taught Us -- My mother has always been there for me, and always will! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful woman in my life. #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

Day 3: I'm thankful for my teachers, they have always inspired me... #10daysofthanks #imthankfulfor

No matter what complaints we as Americans have about our country, I think most of us know how truly blessed we are to live here. We are blessed to live in the land of the free and home of the brave... #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

I live a very privileged life. I live in America, I am healthy, I have a great family and awesome friends...I am so thankful I am who I am. If I was someone else - well, I wouldn't know what I'd be like. I have few problems, and relatively small ones at that. I am loved, and I am blessed. What else is there to ask for? :) #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

I am so grateful for my friends, especially my best friends. A couple of my friends and I are so close that we are like sisters. They are always there to listen when I need to vent, always support me, and give me good advice (and some questionable advice). They keep me humble and are there when I need them. I am truly blessed by God to have these wonderful friends in my life! #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

There are so many things to be thankful for, one of them being the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that others will remain free - our veterans. #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

How many times a day do we look down at our legs and say, "I'm grateful for my legs"? Instead, we want to change our legs. We go to tanning salons to make our legs darker. We have our legs waxed so they look smoother. We do squats so they look leaner. There's nothing wrong with making our legs look nice, but aside from beauty, what about functionality? I am grateful I have legs and feet and can walk! #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks

They make me laugh, smile, and sometimes mad when "someone" pees on my friend's bag. I'm grateful that eight years ago my aunt happened to come across them, and asked my family if we wanted them. They truly are part of my family, and I love them! #imthankfulfor #10daysofthanks