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Oh son of Adam. Indeed you consist of a number of days. Every time a day passes you lose a part of you. (some meaning got lost through translation)

Oh Son of Adam, you are only a number of days. When one of those days passes, a part of you passes away.

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الله المستعان

الله المستعان

لا حزن يبقى ..  @Betaqadaawia @R_t_d3wa @maaamll9

روض الإيمـان on

لا حزن يبقى .. @Betaqadaawia @R_t_d3wa @maaamll9

ادعوك ربى ... دعاء غريق في موج كالجبال و في ظلام بلا قمر .. فوجدت كل النجاة في تقواكا

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