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Gypsy Gnomes

Gypsy gnomes roam the forest. If you manage to spot them and their tiny caravan and if you ask them nicely, they might tell you your fortune or offer you a cup of tea. Meet the gnomes Olaf and Olg...

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Fantastic Digital Artwork by Jie Ma

The castle in Act 2 could look like this. Spiral staircase leading to the "stage" where princess, prince, and Rusalka have their quarrel. Rusalka runs down the steps to the fishpond. Castle is located up high near the moon to imply that being with the prince is a far-fetched dream.

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31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

from Ozark Pagan Mamma

in brief, some differences between Wicca and Celtic (Reconstructionist) Paganism

Wiccan or Celtic Paganism: Some Basic Differences - Although I respect all beliefs, and I feel it is alright to use some Wiccan terms and ideas in Pagan practices (especially if, like me, you celebrate Sabbats and Esbats with a group of varied and eclectic witches,) it is still important to understand the differences!

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Real-Life Hobbit Homes To Make Your Inner Nerd Squeal In Delight

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Love this. Great inspiration for advanced DIYers not afraid to build without blueprints. Would be a great weekend project.