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The best challah in Toronto is, with few exceptions, found up and down the Bathurst Street corridor. Whether setting the table for Shabbat dinner or just looking for the best bread for brunch-time French toast, these bakeries are the best source for deliciously fluffy, eggy breads. This is the best...

Kosher food is food that meets Jewish dietary laws. You don't need to look for a symbol if the food is obviously non- kosher. Meat and milk or dairy cannot be mixed so a cheeseburger is definitely non- kosher. Fish mush have fin and scales to be considered kosher. Make sure that there are no non- kosher ingredients. Don not forget to check the ingredients of the product you are buy.

Do you need a class activity about kosher food? Looking for some Shabbat games for your own children or the Shabbat children's program? Need some photos of animals for a Torah Fair project on kosher food? How about an activity on kosher food that involves student participation, instead of just a slide presentation.

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