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煎蛋 - 地球上没有新鲜事

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33 Funny Pics for Your Monday

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Teenager Posts Of The Week: Awkward Moments With Dora And 2-Hour Long Hugs

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Community Post: 10 Situations Only Mormons Would Understand

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr. (it's a .gif so you have…

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Well, since I work in a restaurant, I can defend us workers. We ask this because some people just come in to ask questions, or to use the restroom, or they eat at the bar. Probably about half the people who actually walk in don't sit at a table. That being said, it would make my day if someone said this to me.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

*laughs* I get it! *laughs maniacally* free *gasps laughing so hard* refills *laughs so hard its silent*

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77 Images/Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Schools Years

How On Earth Did You Survive School? Remember All Those Embarrassing, But Funny Moments At School. Here You'll Find Those Lost Memories That Will Spark Tons Of Laughter.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Yeh it's like no I went to the ER 10 times,got mugged,Ran into the most dangerous street gang of all time, andand got my head chopped off.

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15 Relatable Pictures That'll Have You Laughing in Agreement

Yep pretty much unless it's my friends then I want to scare them

from BuzzFeed

19 Reasons You Were Cooler Than Everyone Else In High School

Thank you I hate when people are like "volleyball isn't a sport" then I'm like you child should be cut