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“My internship at Inteva Products has contributed to my collegiate experience by providing me with the hands-on application of material learned in the classroom. Working with knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Inteva has given me confidence in knowing I have the tools to excel in my field upon graduation.” Adam Bingman Marketing & Communications #IntevaProducts

“At Inteva I realized that all my schooling and experience was just the tip of the corporate iceberg. Not only did I become proficient in my own field, but was given the opportunity to learn about engineering processes. This bridged the gaps between departments to envision Inteva as a whole. I will never forget the projects I did, impacts I made or the people I’ve met at Inteva." Brandon Zach Advanced Development Group-Technology Marketing #IntevaProducts

“Working here at Inteva I have learned more than anything a classroom could ever teach me; from professional etiquette to the mindset of an engineer. This was made possible from the hands on machine work given to me by knowledgeable and experienced engineers." Cody Larsen Advanced Development Group-Engineering #IntevaProducts

“My internship at Inteva has enabled me to better understand business principles and processes through experience that is unattainable in the classroom. While Inteva does a great job of providing guidance, I still had the freedom to govern my summer project and combine it with my own personality and tactics. Thanks to my internship, I feel extremely well prepared as I plan to enter the workforce in the near future.” Derek Goryl Supply Chain Management-Indirect Purchasing #IntevaProducts

“My internship at Inteva Products has given me the opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned in the classroom and work along individuals that are very knowledgeable about their respective departments. I feel like I make an important contribution to the company every day while also improving my own self by learning and growing as an engineer." Kyle Hughes Advanced Development Group-Engineering #IntevaProducts

“Inteva Products supplied me with learning that was not possible in the classroom. I was able to see first-hand what a commodity buyer does and was able to contribute to a team.” Luke Davis Supply Chain Management-Direct Purchasing #IntevaProducts

"Interning at Inteva Products gave me the opportunity to execute the skills I gained in the classroom in a corporate environment where I could thrive from feedback and improve daily. This first-hand experience in a fast-paced department allowed me to develop my competencies in the field and expand my skill set." Sydney DeLosh Marketing & Communications #IntevaProducts

“Being an international student, the time I spent abroad at Inteva World Headquarters has helped me immerse myself in cultures and backgrounds other than my own. Having previously worked in the automotive industry in Germany, my internship at Inteva provided me with a different perspective than I already had. My experiences combined have definitely drawn me closer to pursuing a career within the auto industry.” Christina Kammerbauer International Student - Finance

Dear Prospective Employee, Whether you are a current student, a new graduate who is just entering the workforce or an experienced professional making a career change, I am confident that you will find our company a dynamic and rewarding place to work. I wish you a successful future, and I hope we can be a part of it! Sincerely, Lon Offenbacher President & CEO, Inteva Products #IntevaProducts

Inteva Chengdu, China Roofs Manufacturing facility #intevaproducts