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These tiny creatures are some of the scariest living things on Earth.


Meet Brutus. The huge (5.5m) saltwater crocodile, which is missing its right front leg, is a favourite with tourists on the Adelaide River Cruises, because he loves his meal of buffalo meat and always puts on a good show for it.

The 3 Scariest Skincare Chemical Ingredients to Avoid on Your Face ........ 1. Parabens cause cancer or mimic hormones. 2. Phthalates have been known to cause reproductive and development toxicity. 3. Fragrances are made up of dozens of hidden chemicals that include allergens, asthma triggers and hormone-disrupters.

This shark may look like it wants to kill you but it really thought it was your next meal. Please don't kill sharks.

Creepy Deep Sea Creatures (39 pictures) | memolition ** this reminds me of that prehistoric fish from the movie "Dinosaur" that ate the egg & spit it out (in the beginning)..