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Short iridescent silk-like Rutile needles arranged in hexagonal formation follow the growth structure of this pink Sapphire from Madagascar.

Zones of very fine silk-like rutile needles arranged along planes of lamellar twinning are studded with yellowish-brown transparent Apatite crystals in a pinkish-yellow Sapphire from Madagascar.

Irridescent silk-like Rutile needles in a blue to Purple colour-change Sapphire from Madagascar.

A series of fine rutile needles inhabit a green Sapphire from Thailand.

Rutile needles lying at 60/120 degree angles, following the crystal habit of this blue to violet colour-change Sapphire from Madagascar.

In a blue Sapphire from Australia, a vivid series of hazy pale to dark blue colour zones, with a pronounced hexagonal structure characteristic of the crystal structure of Corundum, which surrounds a clearer area of transparent greenish-blue material at its centre.

A blue Sapphire from Bo Phloi, Kanchanaburi, Thailand contains primary liquid inclusions as well as microscopic Tourmaline crystals arranged in star-like formations

A pink Sapphire from Myanmar contains an area of dense rutile silk, which thins out in the foreground to a finer area of the same feature which displays the familiar cross-hatched lattice structure typical of Corundum.

Striated bands of fine Rutile "silk" appear lilac against the background of their host, a purple Sapphire from Sri Lanka.