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Short iridescent silk-like Rutile needles arranged in hexagonal formation follow the growth structure of this pink Sapphire from Madagascar.

Flattened gas bubbles stand out in high relief in the glass filler of this cobalt-glass filled sapphire. Oblique fiber-optic illumination

A two-phase inclusion in an Amethyst from Minas Gerais, Brazil, The triangular cavity within the Amethyst is filled with a liquid and a gas bubble.

In a blue Sapphire from Australia, a vivid series of hazy pale to dark blue colour zones, with a pronounced hexagonal structure characteristic of the crystal structure of Corundum, which surrounds a clearer area of transparent greenish-blue material at its centre.

A pink Sapphire from Myanmar contains an area of dense rutile silk, which thins out in the foreground to a finer area of the same feature which displays the familiar cross-hatched lattice structure typical of Corundum.

Rutile needles lying at 60/120 degree angles, following the crystal habit of this blue to violet colour-change Sapphire from Madagascar.

Zones of very fine silk-like rutile needles arranged along planes of lamellar twinning are studded with yellowish-brown transparent Apatite crystals in a pinkish-yellow Sapphire from Madagascar.