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Waste Lands

Waste Lands America's forgotten nuclear legacy: During the build-up to the Cold War, the U.S. government called upon hundreds of factories and research centers to help develop nuclear weapons and other forms of atomic energy. At many sites, this work left behind residual radioactive contamination requiring government cleanups, but the government's own records about many of the sites unclear. The Journal compiled a database to trace this historic atomic development effort and its…

When Sub Goes Silent, Who Has Control of Its Nuclear Warheads?

When Sub Goes Silent, Who Has Control of Its Nuclear Warheads? China’s growing fleet of nuclear-missile submarines poses a delicate question: Can a highly centralized communist system entrust a submarine commander to carry nuclear weapons far from China’s shores? A Cold War episode illustrates the risks - a diesel-powered Soviet sub, the B-59, in the Sargasso Sea.

Japan's government committed to nuclear power despite Fukushima disaster: With the pull of a lever, control rods were lifted Tuesday from the reactor core at a plant in southern Japan, ending a ban on nuclear power following meltdowns at Fukushima in the northeast that forced tens of thousands of people to leave their homes, most of them for good. Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan was in office at the time of the 2011 Fukushima accident, which was triggered by a massive earthquake and tsunami…

Over 5,000 rally in Tokyo against nuclear reactor restarts

Over 5,000 rally in Tokyo against nuclear reactor restarts: Nobel laureate and author Kenzaburo Oe (front row, second from right), journalist Toyohiro Akiyama (right) and other protesters take part in an anti-nuclear rally Saturday in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Sir Joseph Rotblat Nuclear physicist and Nobel peace prizewinner who quit the Manhattan Project and whose Pugwash initiative helped thaw the cold war

Cash-strapped Japan Atomic Power Co. still donated 1.54 billion yen ($13.7 million) to a city government and asked that the funds be kept secret. The money used for the donations came from fees paid by other power companies, who are under contract to buy electricity from Japan Atomic Power which has not produced any electricity from its 3 nuclear reactors since 2011. Why is it still receiving money from the industry for nonexistent electricity??

Karen Nickel believes she developed Lupus from exposure to the toxic materials dumped in her community. Lupus causes a patient’s immune system to turn on its own body, attacking healthy joint and organ tissues. It is most common in middle-aged women such as Nickel, but has recently been linked to exposure to uranium. That’s what Nickel thinks caused her lupus. She’s since found out that at least three other people from her childhood neighborhood also have the disease. They all grew up in a…

Cold War Air Raid Drill ~ by GX Robinson. (Yes, we hid under our desks. So atomic bombs wouldn't kill us. I think now we were told to do this just so we wouldn't realize how vulnerable we were - so we wouldn't go mad thinking about it.)