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Senior Picture - really love the location & angle. Will be looking for a place like this.

I pray, to what I don't know, but for....what I pray for? I wish I could say I pray for beautiful things like patients good hair, or good will toward my fellow man....but I don't, I'm to broken to hope those things aren't myths...I know they are I pray for sanity to last an solace form the world.....and I find myself laughing behind my hands at my hopes for everything to end

From Boy to Man

Hello, my name is Carter May. Shelby is my twin sister (I'm 2 minutes older than her). Unlike her I'm not into quiditch very much. But I am very much into magical creatures and herbology. I was always more calm than her and she was always dragging me around behind her. We are very close and I'm very protective, even if she doesn't like it. I can't wait to get to know you?

"Strike a pose, beautiful!" Zane yelled, holding up the camera and smiling flirtatiously. She smiled, pursing her lips slightly and hugging her hips. "My word, woman," Zane marveled. "What?" She asked. "Your amazingly gorgeous." - Grace S.

Why Business Intelligence Is Key for Competitive Advantage.This infographic by Boston University displays some basic reminders of why analytics is essential. It ultimately supports business intelligence, and provides guidance into what activity is a competitive advantage for a given business. I like that ...