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A knitting pattern to make a bear who is a knitter!? The adorable humor is not lost on me.

Spool knitting: easy DIY with a wooden spool and nails. Also includes handy instructions for casting on and off and how to spool knit. #spool #Knitting #CreatewithKids

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Loom knitting isn't as difficult as it sounds! Watch Kristen Mangus from GoodKnitKisses teach us how to do the purl stitch on a knitting loom. For more free patterns, tips and tutorials, visit

Design & Hand Knitted by Pearl Knitter.

Copycat CC Knit Beanie Pattern by Amber Forbush 1. Cast on 76 stitches 2. Rib (k1,p1) for 10 rows--alternate (p1,k1) every other row to create ribbing. 3. Stockinette (knit 1 row, pearl 1 row) 4. Reverse Stockinette for 6 rows (or 3 sets) 5. Repeat step 3 6. Ribbing for 4 rows 7. Repeat steps 3-6 for 2 more sections 8. To finish, continue the stk pattern, but start k2to or p2to for the entire row to decrease stitches. Do this for about 1.5-2 inches. 10. Cast off, sew up...enjoy!

beautiful knitting — forlikeminded: Olympia Le Tan - Paris Fashion...

Knitting 101

Knit vs. Purl and a lot of other basic knitting info.

FREE INFINITY SCARF PATTERN for beginners! (pattern includes links on how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off...everything you need to complete this project!)