Do you like the red, sweet, and slightly tangy fresh cherry but don’t have an easy way to pit the cherries? In this post you will find four different ways to pit cherries using homemade cherry pitter alternatives and vegan chocolate cherry pudding recipe.

Nutella Vs. Homemade Vegan Chocolate Spread | 15 Veganized Versions Of Your Favorite Foods #healthy #vegan #recipeideas

Banana Almond Butter Klondike Bars: An easy, 5-ingredient, gluten free, and vegan dessert that's healthy and perfect for summer! A homemade version of the classic Klondike! || recipe

Vegan baked cinnamon sugar pumpkin doughnuts - moist and fluffy like a regular doughnut but 100% vegan and SO easy to make. She's got some amazing recipes - fettle

Soft Buttery One Hour Pretzels (vegan) - Make these in an hour & save yourself a trip to the food court & save money, too! So good & so easy!

Coconut Tapioca Pudding with Toasted Coconut Chips – Gluten-free, Vegan + Refined Sugar-free - cycle 3

Baby Red Potatoes, boiled 10 min then smashed and drizzled with Olive Oil, sprinkled with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, then baked 20 min @400.

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