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Gun control--- This is why it's not really about the gun,, it's about who is saying you can't have one and why.

This quote by Adolf Hitler shows how our government is heading towards tyranny and communism. Some feel that he is trying to put to much control over the people and that guns will be his first step in getting rid of a democracy.

Average police response time is about 10 minutes.  It  is about 17 minutes in Detroit.  Detroit has strict gun regulations guys.  How are my odds if I have to wait 17 minutes for the police to arrive after I hear a man break into my house?

Guess it's a good thing I like guns, believe in God & oh that's right.I'm a police dispatcher so I'll be sending those officers with guns.

Gun Rights and a quote by Stefan Molyneux and the State.

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Gun Controll is just a different way of saying People Controll. Gun Controll = Government Takeover // Screw off, you can't have my Guns!

I've had guns damn near my whole life and I've even kept one by my bed and left one on my table and have one in my pick up and I'm starting to think they must all be broken because not once have they ever just opened fire on their own

This is going to be scary guns, gun rights, gun control, anti-gun control,

Become one of the few Gun Rights and I hate cops<< Americans should arm themselves, but the cops will be their for the pacifists. Hating cops does no good, but to deter people from wanting to keep you safe!

The Average Response time of a 911 Call is 23 minutes. The Response time of an is 2330 ft per second.

gun rights.

Amendment: Guns are for Protection against tyranny in government.