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Plague memorializing the lost crew of the Surcouf. reportedly lost after being hit by a US Freighter but rumoured to have been suck by a US sub or US Navy Blimp after being caught refeuling a German Uboat.

1930's French submarine Surcouf 4303ton, armed with two 203mm(8 inch) guns and a hangar foe areconniasance airplane, lost in 1942 after hitting an american ship, or was she?

French cruiser sub Surcouf. Lost under mysterious circumstances, believed rammed by US freighter in 1942. Guns are 8 inch.

The Surcouf was commissioned by the French Navy in 1934. It was the world's largest boat at the time with a length of 110m/361ft. Among her features were double 13.2mm anti-aircraft guns, an MB 410 float plane, a motorboat, ten torpedo tubes, and a 90 day endurance. Her mysterious loss in WWII gave her an unsurpassed record for the largest loss of life in a single submarine accident.

The British Govt. did not want the French ships to fall into German hands and the crew of the Surcouf were not sure what to do as part of the crew wanted to fight against the Germans and the other half wanted to be loyal to the Vichy French Govt. The Royal Marines boarded the Surcouf and confronted its Captain and Men about their Loyalties. A gun and bayonet exchange ensued and both British Captains and two ratings were killed, along with a equal number of the French. After that almost all…