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Agent Carter (2015– ) - Stars: Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray. - In 1946, Peggy Carter is relegated to secretarial duties in the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR). When Howard Stark is accused of treason, he secretly recruits Peggy to clear his name with the help of his butler, Edwin Jarvis. - ACTION / ADVENTURE / SCI-FI

I always think it was more like, they came up with the acronym first and then tried to find words to fit that acronym, just for Steve lol

''And these are your only two options?'' Peggy Carter is a BAMF, and I love Marvel for making sure that was very, very clear.

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Marvel's Agent Carter - I Know My Value Peggy Carter Quote - Poster/Print

Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter starter pack.  At least for the accessories, but I think we can do better.
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ABC Picks Up ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’!!!!


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When her brother goes missing in battle, Juliet Dufresne lies about her age so that she can enlist as a nurse and search for him. As she works at a field hospital in Italy, befriending patients and staff alike, she discovers an assured sense of self.