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Glass bottle tiki torch kit.. upcycle any bottle to a tiki torch! --- uhm. plumbing parts, 2 nuts, a washer, and a threaded bolt from home depot. even as a pair, MUCH LESS than what it's sold for.

Add a touch of copper to your outdoor patio or backyard getaway with this unique Tiki Torch kit. Great addition to your holiday decorations, place these at your entrance way and light before your gatherings. It comes with a copper bracket to mount onto a post or the side of you house, a 12 cotton wick , a copper cap on a chain to cover the wick when not in use and all the hardware you need to secure the bracket. All you need to do is add your favorite wine bottle, fill it with citronella…

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What a great idea! Make a summer torch out of a wine bottle and a clamp. interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

How To Build A Glass Bottle Torch http://ideas2live4.com/nyip This DIY project is like hitting not two, but three birds with one stone. You get to decorate your patio with your empty wine bottles, instead of it just binning them. The torches can also be used to keep mosquitoes away. And last but not the least, you get to save some money by recycling!

Wine bottle tiki torches! Im sure I could find some empty bottles at the dollar store to use! SO DOING THIS!!!!

If you can find a means of securely attaching it to a wall and can summon the strength to jam a candle in to it then you just might have what it takes to make some homemade, wine bottle based lighting solutions.

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