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Amazing mushrooms Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel Panda

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Tip: Recipes For The Best Smoothies & Milkshakes

Ashley Benson, hermoso, lindo, niña, caliente

relentless pursuit at life

relentless pursuit at life

Get it? It's a doll within a doll WITHIN a doll - "Inception" by Ojasvi Mohanty

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see #beauty never grows old" - Frank Kafka #quote Helen Sanderson for Ministry of calm To find out more about our philosophy of calm, please visit our websites: &

My heart longs for reconciliation (sorrow / repentance & forgiveness ). How can people not feel sorrow for sin? It prevents a relationship with Christ and damages/destroys earthly relationships.

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Daehyun Kim & the Moonassi Drawing Series

I love these melan­choly and sur­real works, made more mys­te­ri­ous by the sheer vol­ume that Dae­hyun has pro­duced. The more he pro­duces, the more con­text I am given. The more con­text I’m given, the more con­fused (but intrigued) that I find myself. I don’t think these are all a dream, but some sort of play on our sub­con­scious and the per­cep­tion of reality.

Inception. What a Creative story. I like open ending/ sad ending. I'm always wondering if the world we living is real? I wanna stay in my dream. Getting seconds of memory, going anywhere, doing everything, staying with the beloved girl, tasting danger but need not worrying about death.... (Christopher Nolan is my favourite director and I like the way he tells story. You can enjoy two stories in one movie and both make sense.)

A Letter to Elise by the Cure. One of my favorite songs in the world.