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How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors

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12 Handy Travel Tech Gadgets For Families

Soundpockets is a handy way to keep your earbuds or your kid's earbuds from getting tangled or lost.@Sarah Chintomby Eisman Pockets #travel #gadgets #teens


10 Best Wearable Tracking Devices To Keep Kids Safe

Have you ever thought about a tracking device for your kids? Wearable technology with GPS tracking capabilities can be really helpful at Disney or other crowded places where you can lose your child easily. If you are considering a wearable device for your family, here are the 10 we recommend ... see more at

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Safety Skills: How to teach your child to memorize his phone number

If your child ever got separated from you, would they know your name and phone number to give to a trusted adult? These simple activities will give your kids a key tool to keep them safe in case of such an emergency.

It's a terrible and daunting battle....but you can win! Often times you are NOT the first victim. Once you're able to get to a safe place, get nosy. Find other contacts they had and you will quickly discover the level of toxicity you had in your life. You're not crazy, you're not a're a survivor. Keep all texts, e-mails, and get you an auto-recorder on your phone.

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Raising Kids in a Digital World: 8 Books to Help Modern Parents

Raising kids in a digital world- SO many great resources for when you child should get a phone, keeping kids safe online, and how your kids are affected by YOUR phone! Love them all!

Hiker Alert: a web service that lets hikers leave detailed itineraries for friends and family, then sends alerts if you don't check in when scheduled. Great idea to keep you safe on the trail!


The Mace Case is Pepper Spray and an iPhone Case In One

The Spraytect ($40) combines a protective cover for your phone with a small tube of mace to keep yourself protected and safe when you’re on-the-go. That’s right – now it’s possible to pepper spray someone with your iPhone.

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How to take your dog anywhere, with the help of these 6 smartphone apps

How to take your dog anywhere, with the help of 6 smart phone apps #dogs #pets #app

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Aqua and Driftwood Chevron - Otterbox Commuter iPhone Case

Otterbox case Driftwood Chevrons. #chillcases #cutestcases #iphone #apple